Dog Paw Cleaner [Medium]

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Brand: AnniKit

Color: Blue


  • ✔️ Product Purpose: When your dog is playing outside when he or she comes home, they can touch the furniture or carpet. Now you need to help them wash their feet before entering the house or into the car. Paw Washer for dogs will help you clean your pet's feet.
  • ✔️ Target Audience: Dog Paw Washer is 3.8 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height suitable for medium dogs like Labrador Retriever, Bulldog, Poodle, Boxer, Siberian Husky, Australian Shepherd, Brittany, English Springer Spaniel, American Cocker Spaniel, Vizsla, Weimaraner, Miniature American Shepherd, Bull Terrier, English Cocker Spaniel, Samoyed, Chow Chow, Basset Hound, Bearded Collie, English Buldog, Beagle, Border Collie, Corgi etc, maybe some large dog paw cleaner
  • ✔️ Silicone material: Environmental protection, flexibility, toughness, easy to clean, BPA free.
  • ✔️ Soft and gentle: There are many soft silicon brushes in the foot washing cup, soft and clean. Silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog's paw Cleans off mud, sand, dirt, ice melt & removes other harmful bacteria & chemicals off dog paws quickly & easily.
  • ✔️ To use Paw Plunger: add a little water and hand sanitizer, insert the muddy paw, dab the paw dry, repeat for 3 more paws.

Publisher: Petite

Details: Whether You Are Looking For Any Product To Clean Your Dog's Paw, You Need This Paw Washer.

This Is Great Paw Washer For Your Dogs And Cats. It Is A Wonderful Way To Clean Pet's Paw. A Great Outdoor Activity With Your Dog And Family. It Is Best Suited From Medium Dog And Down.

    • Best for Fun Activities At Home Backyards and Outdoor - Easy to carry, compact and it is ready to have cleaner.

    • Top Comfort - Product design with soft silicone spines, easy cleaning of dirty mud on the pet's feet.

    • Fast And Easy Set Up - With just 1 minute of installation and refill, you can use it.

    • Dog Paw cleaner Includes:
      ✔️ 1 cup in a paper box
      ✔️ Paw Plunger Item Details - Max height: 5.9 inches (15 cm), Weight 0.7 lbs (320 gram), Dimensions 9.5 x 15 x 8.5 cm

  • How To Use:
    ✔️ 1. Pour water into the cup
    ✔️ 2. Put the dog's feet into the cup
    ✔️ 3. Turn the cup several times until the dog's foot is cleaned, repeat with another foot and then wipe the foot with a towel
    ✔️ 4 Remove the water and rinse

Note: Do Not Allow The Dog To Chew The Paw Plunger Is Recommended

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